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dmc-stlport toolset


Boost.Build's dmc-stlport toolset supports the Digital Mars C++ command-line tools, using the STLport standard library implementation. It is designed to allow you to build and test with multiple installed versions of STLPort, so that objects build in each configuration will be built into separate directories.

Configuration Variables

The dmc-stlport toolset responds to the following variables, which can be set in the environment or configured on the jam command-line using -sVARIABLE_NAME=value. It is an extension of the dmc toolset and therefore responds to all of the Digital Mars configuration variables in addition to those listed below.

In the table below, version corresponds to an STLPort version number, e.g. "4.5.3".

Variable Name Semantics Default Notes
STLPORT_PATH A directory containing at least one subdirectory of the form /STLPort-version where an STLPort installation can be found. empty Allows easy configuration for an installation where several STLPort versions are installed under a single directory.
STLPORT_version_PATH The directory where the specific STLPort version installation can be found, in case there is no central location appropriate for STLPORT_PATH, above, or a particular version's installation is not located in the usual place. empty Allows configuration of a specific STLPort installation.
STLPORT_VERSION The version of STLPort in use by default. 4.6.2 Other values can be selected in parallel setting the build property <stlport-version> to values from the list of $(STLPORT_VERSIONS)
STLPORT_VERSIONS A space-separated list of alternate versions of STLport available on this machine. 4.6 4.5.3 4.5

Toolset-Specific Features

The following dmc-stlport-specific features can be used in target build requirements or in the BUILD variable:

Feature Values Default Semantics
stlport-iostream off on off Controls whether STLPort's own iostreams are in use. Though this setting is off by default to save users from having to build STLPort, we strongly recommend on instead.
stlport-version $(STLPORT_VERSION) $(STLPORT_VERSIONS) (see above) $(STLPORT_VERSION) Selects a version of STLPort for each target
stlport-cstd-namespace std global std Controls whether or not names from the "C" library headers such as <cstdlib> are imported into namespace std.

Revised 31 July, 2004

Copyright © Dave Abrahams 2002, Aleksey Gurtovoy 2004.

Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at