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Class template find_iterator

boost::algorithm::find_iterator — find_iterator


template<typename IteratorT> 
class find_iterator {
// construct/copy/destruct
find_iterator(const find_iterator &);
template<typename FinderT> find_iterator(IteratorT, IteratorT, FinderT);
template<typename FinderT, typename RangeT> find_iterator(RangeT &, FinderT);

// public member functions
bool eof() const;

// private member functions
const match_type & dereference() const;
void increment() ;
bool equal(const find_iterator &) const;


Find iterator encapsulates a Finder and allows for incremental searching in a string. Each increment moves the iterator to the next match.

Find iterator is a readable forward traversal iterator.

Dereferencing the iterator yields an iterator_range delimiting the current match.

find_iterator construct/copy/destruct

  1. find_iterator();

    Construct null iterator. All null iterators are equal.

    Postconditions: eof()==true

  2. find_iterator(const find_iterator & Other);

    Construct a copy of the find_iterator

  3. template<typename FinderT> 
    find_iterator(IteratorT Begin, IteratorT End, FinderT Finder);

    Construct new find_iterator for a given finder and a range.

  4. template<typename FinderT, typename RangeT> 
    find_iterator(RangeT & Col, FinderT Finder);

    Construct new find_iterator for a given finder and a range.

find_iterator public member functions

  1. bool eof() const;

    Check the eof condition. Eof condition means that there is nothing more to be searched i.e. find_iterator is after the last match.

find_iterator private member functions

  1. const match_type & dereference() const;
  2. void increment() ;
  3. bool equal(const find_iterator & Other) const;
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