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Bimap Reference
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Complexity signature
Set type specification
Header "boost/bimap/bimap.hpp" synopsis
Class template bimap
set_of Reference
Header "boost/bimap/set_of.hpp" synopsis
Header "boost/bimap/multiset_of.hpp" synopsis
Collection type specifiers set_of and multiset_of
[multi]set_of Views
unordered_set_of Reference
Header "boost/bimap/unordered_set_of.hpp" synopsis
Header "boost/bimap/unordered_multiset_of.hpp" synopsis
Collection type specifiers unordered_set_of and unordered_multiset_of
unordered_[multi]set_of Views
list_of Reference
Header "boost/bimap/list_of.hpp" synopsis
list_of Views
vector_of Reference
Header "boost/bimap/vector_of.hpp" synopsis
vector_of views
unconstrained_set_of Reference
Header "boost/bimap/unconstrained_set_of.hpp" synopsis
unconstrained_set_of Views

The following are the interface headers of Boost.Bimap:


  • "boost/bimap.hpp" (includes "boost/bimap/bimap.hpp" and imports the bimap class to boost namespace)


  • "boost/bimap/bimap.hpp" (includes "boost/bimap/set_of.hpp" and "boost/bimap/unconstrained_set_of.hpp")

Set Types

  • "boost/bimap/set_of.hpp"
  • "boost/bimap/multiset_of.hpp"
  • "boost/bimap/unordered_set_of.hpp"
  • "boost/bimap/unordered_multiset_of.hpp"
  • "boost/bimap/list_of.hpp"
  • "boost/bimap/vector_of.hpp"
  • "boost/bimap/unconstrained_set_of.hpp"

Boost Integration

  • "boost/bimap/support/lambda.hpp"
  • "boost/bimap/property_map/set_support.hpp"
  • "boost/bimap/property_map/unordered_set_support.hpp"

A program using Boost.Bimap must therefore include "boost/bimap/bimap.hpp" and the headers defining the collection types to be used.

Additional headers allow the integration of Boost.Bimap with other boost libraries, like Boost.Lambda and Boost.Property_map.

In order to use the serialization capabilities of Boost.Bimap, the appropriate Boost.Serialization library module must be linked. Other than that, Boost.Bimap is a header-only library, requiring no additional object modules.