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Class template dst_calc_engine

boost::date_time::dst_calc_engine — Compile-time configurable daylight savings time calculation engine.


// In header: <boost/date_time/dst_rules.hpp>

template<typename date_type, typename time_duration_type, typename dst_traits> 
class dst_calc_engine {
  // types
  typedef date_type::year_type                            year_type;    
  typedef date_type::calendar_type                        calendar_type;
  typedef dst_calculator< date_type, time_duration_type > dstcalc;      

  // public static functions
  static time_is_dst_result 
  local_is_dst(const date_type &, const time_duration_type &);
  static bool is_dst_boundary_day(date_type);
  static time_duration_type dst_offset();
  static date_type local_dst_start_day(year_type);
  static date_type local_dst_end_day(year_type);


dst_calc_engine public static functions

  1. static time_is_dst_result 
    local_is_dst(const date_type & d, const time_duration_type & td);
    Calculates if the given local time is dst or not.

    Determines if the time is really in DST or not. Also checks for invalid and ambiguous.

  2. static bool is_dst_boundary_day(date_type d);
  3. static time_duration_type dst_offset();
    The time of day for the dst transition (eg: typically 01:00:00 or 02:00:00)
  4. static date_type local_dst_start_day(year_type year);
  5. static date_type local_dst_end_day(year_type year);