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Class template simple_format

boost::date_time::simple_format — Class to provide simple basic formatting rules.


// In header: <boost/date_time/date_format_simple.hpp>

template<typename charT> 
class simple_format {

  // public static functions
  static const charT * not_a_date();
  static const charT * pos_infinity();
  static const charT * neg_infinity();
  static month_format_spec month_format();
  static ymd_order_spec date_order();
  static bool has_date_sep_chars();
  static charT year_sep_char();
  static charT month_sep_char();
  static charT day_sep_char();
  static charT hour_sep_char();
  static charT minute_sep_char();
  static charT second_sep_char();


simple_format public static functions

  1. static const charT * not_a_date();
    String used printed is date is invalid.
  2. static const charT * pos_infinity();
    String used to for positive infinity value.
  3. static const charT * neg_infinity();
    String used to for positive infinity value.
  4. static month_format_spec month_format();
    Describe month format.
  5. static ymd_order_spec date_order();
  6. static bool has_date_sep_chars();
    This format uses '-' to separate date elements.
  7. static charT year_sep_char();
    Char to sep?
  8. static charT month_sep_char();
    char between year-month
  9. static charT day_sep_char();
    Char to separate month-day.
  10. static charT hour_sep_char();
    char between date-hours
  11. static charT minute_sep_char();
    char between hour and minute
  12. static charT second_sep_char();
    char for second