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Class template basic_parsed_options



// In header: <boost/program_options/parsers.hpp>

template<typename charT> 
class basic_parsed_options {
  // construct/copy/destruct
  explicit basic_parsed_options(const options_description *, int = 0);

  // public data members
  std::vector< basic_option< charT > > options;
  const options_description * description;
  int m_options_prefix;


Results of parsing an input source. The primary use of this class is passing information from parsers component to value storage component. This class does not makes much sense itself.

basic_parsed_options public construct/copy/destruct

  1. explicit basic_parsed_options(const options_description * xdescription, 
                                  int options_prefix = 0);

basic_parsed_options public public data members

  1. std::vector< basic_option< charT > > options;

    Options found in the source.

  2. const options_description * description;

    Options description that was used for parsing. Parsers should return pointer to the instance of option_description passed to them, and issues of lifetime are up to the caller. Can be NULL.

  3. int m_options_prefix;

    Mainly used for the diagnostic messages in exceptions. The canonical option prefix for the parser which generated these results, depending on the settings for basic_command_line_parser::style() or cmdline::style(). In order of precedence of command_line_style enums: allow_long allow_long_disguise allow_dash_for_short allow_slash_for_short