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Struct deduce_domain

boost::proto::deduce_domain — A pseudo-domain for use in functions and metafunctions that require a domain parameter. It indicates that the domain of the parent node should be inferred from the domains of the child nodes.


// In header: <boost/proto/domain.hpp>

struct deduce_domain {


When proto::deduce_domain is used as a domain — either explicitly or implicitly by proto::make_expr(), proto::unpack_expr(), or Proto's operator overloads — Proto will use the domains of the child expressions to compute the domain of the parent. It is done in such a way that (A) expressions in domains that share a common super-domain are interoperable, and (B) expressions that are in the default domain (or a sub-domain thereof) are interoperable with all expressions. The rules are as follows:

Note: the above description sounds like it would be expensive to compute at compile time. In fact, it can all be done using C++ function overloading.