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Customising Immediate Completion

The associated_immediate_executor associator trait, along with the bind_immediate_executor function, provide the ability to customise the execution of a completion handler when an asynchronous operation completes immediately.

When a supported operation completes immediately (that is, within the initiating function) the associated immmediate executor is obtained, and the completion handler is delivered through that executor as if by using boost::asio::dispatch on that executor. By default, the immediate executor delivers the completion handler as if using boost::asio::post via the operation's I/O executor.

For example, to allow a recursive call to the completion handler of an async_read_some operation, we may specify that immediate completion is delivered via a system_executor:

      [](error_code e, size_t n)
        // ...

Immediate execution is currently supported for asynchronous operations on reactor-based sockets and descriptors, and for asynchronous operations on channels.

Note: When enabling the immediate execution of completion handlers, care must be taken to ensure that unbounded recursion and stack overflow do not occur. Furthermore, use of immediate completion may impact the fairness of completion handler scheduling, with a potential for starvation for other pending work.

See Also

associated_immediate_executor, bind_immediate_executor.