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Chapter 8. Version history

Table of Contents

Boost 1.85
Boost 1.72
Boost 1.57
Boost 1.56
Boost 1.55
Boost 1.54
From V2.23 to V2.24 (Boost 1.51)
From V2.22 to V2.23 (Boost 1.50)
From V2.21 to V2.22 (Boost 1.48)
From V2.20 to V2.21 (Boost 1.47)
From V2.12 to V2.20 (Boost 1.46)
From V2.10 to V2.12 (Boost 1.45)
From V2.0 to V2.12 (Boost 1.44)

Boost 1.85

  • Backend update (back11). Requires C++ 11. The documentation now uses it as default.

  • New front-end (PlantUML). Requires C++ 20

  • Div. bugfixes