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JUNIT log format

The JUNIT format is log format supported by a wide range of Continuous Build/Integration tools.

This format defaults its log level to General information and its default stream to a file named after master test suite. The logger will attempt to not overwrite any existing output file, which is also usually understood by Continuous Build tools.

This format is in fact both a log and a report format: most of the Continuous Build tools will summarize the content of a JUNIT file and show an overview of the failing/succeeding tests of a module (report format) while letting the user inspect the detailed logs (log format).

[Caution] Caution

The minimal log-level for the JUnit logger is non fatal error. Any set-up to higher log level will default to that minimal log-level.

[Note] Note

Until Boost 1.64, the log level was previously defaulting to success and was causing a heavy load on the logging part in some circumstances.