planar_pixel_iterator Struct Template Reference

#include <planar_pixel_iterator.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename ChannelPtr, typename ColorSpace>
struct boost::gil::planar_pixel_iterator< ChannelPtr, ColorSpace >

An iterator over planar pixels. Models HomogeneousColorBaseConcept, PixelIteratorConcept, HomogeneousPixelBasedConcept, MemoryBasedIteratorConcept, HasDynamicXStepTypeConcept.

Planar pixels have channel data that is not consecutive in memory. To abstract this we use classes to represent references and pointers to planar pixels.

Public Types

typedef parent_t::value_type value_type
typedef parent_t::reference reference
typedef parent_t::difference_type difference_type

Public Member Functions

 planar_pixel_iterator (bool)
 planar_pixel_iterator (const ChannelPtr &v0, const ChannelPtr &v1)
 planar_pixel_iterator (const ChannelPtr &v0, const ChannelPtr &v1, const ChannelPtr &v2)
 planar_pixel_iterator (const ChannelPtr &v0, const ChannelPtr &v1, const ChannelPtr &v2, const ChannelPtr &v3)
 planar_pixel_iterator (const ChannelPtr &v0, const ChannelPtr &v1, const ChannelPtr &v2, const ChannelPtr &v3, const ChannelPtr &v4)
template<typename IC1, typename C1>
 planar_pixel_iterator (const planar_pixel_iterator< IC1, C1 > &ptr)
template<typename P>
 planar_pixel_iterator (P *pix)
template<typename P>
planar_pixel_iteratoroperator= (P *pix)
reference operator[] (difference_type d) const
reference operator-> () const
bool operator< (const planar_pixel_iterator &ptr) const
bool operator!= (const planar_pixel_iterator &ptr) const


class boost::iterator_core_access

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

planar_pixel_iterator ( P *  pix  )  [inline]

Copy constructor and operator= from pointers to compatible planar pixels or planar pixel references. That allow constructs like pointer = &value or pointer = &reference Since we should not override operator& that's the best we can do.

Member Function Documentation

reference operator[] ( difference_type  d  )  const [inline]

For some reason operator[] provided by iterator_facade returns a custom class that is convertible to reference We require our own reference because it is registered in iterator_traits

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